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Our Planning Process

You probably have many goals for your financial future. Whether you are concerned with having enough income in retirement or having the ability to fund your child’s education, we can assist you in designing a portfolio that considers all of your objectives.

The disciplined four-step approach we use seeks to give you confidence that your assets will be strategically managed and your changing needs are always addressed.

The Fortress Approach

1. Discovery

We gather information about your current assets, risk tolerance, and long-term financial goals. Beyond that, we want to know about your dreams, money concerns, and past investment experience. All of this will give us a clear picture of your current situation, personally and financially.

2. Guidance

After analyzing the information gathered in the discovery process, we will create recommendations that align with your future needs and goals. This guidance will create the framework for your personalized wealth management plan.

3. Implementation

The plan we create together will be comprehensive and goals-based. We will implement your wealth management plan and make adjustments as needed.

4. Monitoring

Life is dynamic, and your wealth management plan should be too.  We will monitor the progress of your plan and your portfolio to keep it on target and communicate with you if our recommendations change.

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