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Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Management: Strategies To Meet Your Life Goals

A durable investment strategy is adaptable and flexible while maintaining a clear vision of your short-and long-term goals. At Fortress Tactical Wealth Management, we focus on developing a portfolio that aligns with your unique circumstances and goals.

Our Approach to Investment Management

We believe in developing lasting relationships with our clients. At Fortress Tactical Wealth Management, our focus is on risk management in both the investment portfolio and retirement income plan.

We will talk about the "big three" retirement risks in our discussions:

  1. Longevity Risk, the risk of outliving your money
  2. Sequence of Return Risk, the risk that we are unlucky and retire during a period of underperformance in the markets
  3. Inflation Risk, the risk of not keeping up with the cost of living over your retirement

Unfortunately, after 20+ years, I have not found a silver bullet investment strategy that achieves risk mitigation in all three areas. So, our Fortress Blueprint for building your families' financial stronghold includes a multi-strategy approach to investment portfolio management. 

Our Strategies for Portfolio Management

We work with you to define your short-and long-term goals, determine your time horizon and risk tolerance, and assess your current finances and assets. Once we clearly understand your circumstances and needs, we select a balance between the following three broad risk management strategy categories based on life-stage and goals. One strategy category focuses on longevity risk and the other two strategy categories focus on sequence of return and inflation risk.

Longevity Risk:

  • Variable & Fixed Indexed Annuities – Stability category in the “Fortress Blueprint”— Stable Income as the Foundation of a retirement income strategy to supplement social security and pensions, as needed

Sequence of Return & Inflation Risks:

  • Comprehensive Fee-Based Investment Management with a focus on tactical managers – Tactical managers attempt to adjust portfolios in response to market conditions instead of holding a static asset mix throughout a market cycle -- Tactical Approach/Defense category in the “Fortress Blueprint”
  • Institutional Quality Alternative Investments – Strategies less correlated to traditional stock & bond markets for portfolio diversification – Access category in the “Fortress Blueprint”

After creating a new portfolio or revising an existing one, we monitor its performance in relation to your goals. We provide recommendations and guidance on making adjustments as your goals and circumstances, or the markets change. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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